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LivinnX vs The Competition


Price: 200.000 CLP to 450.000 CLP

Student Residency. Houses converted into student housing for 20 to 30 students


  • Live with more students
  • Swimming pool in some cases
  • Shared kitchen
  • One payment
  • Wifi


Price: 180.000 CLP to 400.000 CLP

Furnished Room. Rent a room on a private apartment


  • Furnished apartments
  • Wifi
  • Bills included

LivinnX Santiago

Price: 230.000 CLP to 515.000 CLP

Our building is designed and built for students


  • Study Room
  • Game Room
  • Wifi
  • Cable
  • Gym
  • Swimming pool
  • BBQ
  • 24 hour security
  • Sports classes
  • Activities / tours / discounts

LivinnX Friendly Alliances

As a resident of LivinnX you have discounts and benefits, check them here:

Frequently Asked Questions

Most of our accommodations are in shared apartments. However, there are private apartments available

All of our prices are individual! If you want to live with friends, we can assign you to the same apartment depending on availability.

Yes. You don’t pay common expenses at Livinn.

All expenses associated with the management, maintenance, and common areas of the building community.

Monthly rent for your stay at Livinn, use of the common areas, Wi-Fi, cable, , sports classes, and activities organized by Livinn staff.

Livinn has 144 apartments which function under the student housing model.. The building was designed for students and their comfort, having areas and amenities not found in regular buildings. Though prices are individual, the building operates as a community which differs from private “standard” apartment living. We have security and administration staff 24 hours per day.

If you know your roommate beforehand we can assign you to the same apartment. We also have a Roommate Matching Software that allows you to find a roommate that matches your personality.

The residents choose who they want to share with. Co-ed living is allowed, but there is also the option to live with only men or women.

There is a 25.000 CLP charge for water and electricity. Depending on your payment method their might be bank card commissions that apply.

All apartments are equipped with beds, desks, a kitchen, oven, fridge, microwave, couches, TV, and stools. All bedwear and kitchenware must be provided by the resident.

For Foreigners:
– A Copy of your passport
– Insurance card
– Acceptance letter from university

All residents have an access card that lets you get in to all common areas of Livinn. For printing, the resident must supply their own sheets of paper, but the printers have no cost.

You can reserve the meeting room on the 10th floor and the BBQ area for special occasions. All other areas are for free use and cannot be reserved.

Residents can have visitors but they must be registered at the Front desk. Residents have 3 nights free per month to have people over night. Any visitor after 11:00 PM Sunday-Thursday or after 1:00 AM Friday-Saturday is considered an overnight guest.

Quiet hours start at 11:00 pm during the week, and 01:00 am during weekends. The BBQ hour is available until 10:00 pm.

There is parking available for rent in the building, but it is not included in the monthly rate.

Yes, we have access and apartments suitable for wheelchairs.

No. Smoking is not allowed within the building but is permitted in outside areas.

No pets allowed in the building

Our staff is trained to intervene in order to help you find a solution and use it as a learning and growing experience. In case we can’t find an agreement, we can relocate one of the roommates to a different apartment.

We only accept PayPal, Webpay, Credit cards, and local transfers.

To book a room you must pay an initiation fee of 100.000 CLP. This fee is used to set up the room for your arrival. You pay the first month’s rent when you move in.

No. To cancel your contract, you can find someone that takes your place.

We are located two blocks from Moneda subway station

No you are free to come in and out as you please.

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Our Location

LivinnX Santiago is located at Lord Cochrane 166, two block of Moneda Subway Station, and close to several universities

How to Get There

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Our Past Residents


Choosing Livinn as my accommodation while I’m in Santiago on exchange was a great decision. The building is modern and has everything I need, the staff are amazing, and the community of students living here is without par. Coming all the way from Australia and not knowing a single person was daunting, but in Livinn I feel right at home. I’ve had a great semester so far and I’ll be sad to leave!


Mi experiencia en Livinn Santiago ha sido de las mas satisfactorias que he tenido , desde que llegue aquí he conocido muchísima gente de diferentes países que ahora son mis amigos para toda la vida, las instalaciones están en perfectas condiciones y él personal es muy amable con todos. Realmente recomiendo este lugar ya que te sientes como en casa y la experiencia es realmente gratificante.


La residencia con las mejores instalaciones y habitaciones de todo Santiago. No me arrepiento de haber elegido esta residencia para mi intercambio, la volvería a elegir de nuevo. Gente muy amable que te hace la vida mas sencilla y entretenida con millones de actividades. Una experiencia inolvidable.